Month: March 2014

Another week has passed

So another week has come to an end and another country gets ticked off the list. I’ve only been travelling for nearly two weeks, yet it really feels like two months. Tomorrow (Saturday) I fly to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I spend one┬ánight. On… Continue Reading “Another week has passed”

I have arrived in Singapore…

My time in Bali and Bliss sadly had to come to an end yesterday (Sunday) and the nerves kicked in again…a new adventure and experience to begin. I love Bali, it is such a beautiful and spiritual place – it was the perfect spot… Continue Reading “I have arrived in Singapore…”

Desa Seni yoga retreat

Desa Seni is a beautiful yoga retreat about 10 minutes drive from Bliss. Whilst in Bali I practiced there nearly every day mainly enjoying the Vinyasa and Hatha classes. However I did attend a Anusara class where I did my first head stand! The… Continue Reading “Desa Seni yoga retreat”

A couple of snippets from Bali…

Poppy’s Lane in Kuta Bruce the Bliss Dog Poppy’s Lane, Kuta A temple in Kuta Miss Alana, Miss Shar and Mr Bruce Cute shop Bungalow in Canngu Typical road in Canngu Bali Sky   The amazing dinners at Bliss Fireworks from my villa on… Continue Reading “A couple of snippets from Bali…”

Bike riding around Bali

On Thursday Shar and I went on the Bali Eco Cycling tour; if you are ever in Bali this is a must; it was a fantastic day trip showcasing the beautiful other side of Bali. This was one of the first times in a… Continue Reading “Bike riding around Bali”

Goodbye old life…Welcome to Bali

The last four days have been a blur but I can report I safely arrived in Bali yesterday (Sunday) at about 4pm Qld time. I do have to admit that amongst the packing, last minute preparations, goodbye dinners/lunches and travelling to Brisbane my nerves… Continue Reading “Goodbye old life…Welcome to Bali”

I’m packed…I think?

I thought photos might do this post more justice…this is how today went down… After a week of putting everything I thought I wanted to take with me into the spare bedroom, I ended up with this nice little pile. Mum and Dad watched… Continue Reading “I’m packed…I think?”

How I organised everything in 2 months…

Well I managed to organise, at this stage, 5 months aboard in about 8 weeks, including receiving my passport back from the Indian embassy today – well it is in Brisbane with my brother, Tim. I decided during Christmas 2013 that I needed to… Continue Reading “How I organised everything in 2 months…”


Hi Everyone! Here it is, my first post! Hopefully the first of many happy memories to come. Here is the link to show where I’m travelling over my ten month adventure. At this stage I have only booked as far as mid June 2014.… Continue Reading “Welcome!”