Hi Everyone!

Here it is, my first post! Hopefully the first of many happy memories to come.

Here is the link to show where I’m travelling over my ten month adventure. At this stage I have only booked as far as mid June 2014. I will see where the world leads me after that…

Zoe’s Map

I’ll keep updating this as much as I can while I’m travelling around.

I fly out to Bali on Sunday and for those interested, while I’m in Bali I am staying at Bliss Sanctuary for Women.

Bliss is a women only resort, focusing on all things mind, body, soul.

As this will be my first stop I’m hoping to enjoy some yoga sessions, learn to surf, get a massage (or two!), visit as many beautiful temples as I can and get my head back in order. I can’t wait.

Today is my first official day of holidays, after finishing up my job. It was an emotional day saying goodbye to people I had worked with for nearly five years. There is also the reality that I’m leaving a perfectly good job to live the life of a backpacker!

I did cross a couple of jobs of my list still have quite a few things to sort out – such as dealing with Telstra, getting all my travel documents ready and printed/saved and PACK!

I am also waiting very patiently for my passport. It is currently with the Indian embassy in Brisbane and it should be couriered to Roma by Thursday…I know I am cutting it very fine!

So hope you enjoyed my first post…hopefully there will be many more exciting ones to come. Feel free to post heaps of comments!!!

Z x

One Comment on “Welcome!

  1. Can’t wait to read all about you adventures 🙂 remember details!!! :). kirsty

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