I’m packed…I think?

I thought photos might do this post more justice…this is how today went down…

After a week of putting everything I thought I wanted to take with me into the spare bedroom, I ended up with this nice little pile. Mum and Dad watched it grow daily…


However as today progressed, I did start to whittle the pile down and some items didn’t make it into the pack…


And finally after lunch, a break, a bit of frustration and realising I just couldn’t fit my nude high heels in I think I am packed!


My pack weights about 15 kilos which will be fine for the planes but I’m not sure about my back! Its heavy and I’m scared I might topple over if I bend down but I really can’t reduce anymore weight and I’m just gonna have to suck it up!

So heres a list of what I packed…let me know if I have forgotten something!!

– first aid kit
– 1 micro-fibre towel (I had two but one had to go!)
– 1 packing cube with the following inside: iPhone sim card; shackles for my packs; matches & lighter; torch & head lamp; EU adaptor (thank you Mum) ; raincoat; portable clothesline (thank you Mum); spare iPhone charger; iPhone headphones; scissors; Swiss army knife
– garbage bags
– water bladder (my pack has a pouch inside for the bladder and a hose that comes through so I can drink directly from that
– a bag full of drugs (for gastro, headaches etc)
– a pack safe cage (I’ll show you what that is when I use it)

– 1 hat (the second hat got culled)
– 1 small going out clutch
– 7 pairs of socks, undies and bras
– 1 sports bra
– 1 pair of PJs (the second pair were also culled)
– 1 pair of bathers
– 2 pairs of long hippy pants
– 1 pair of demin shorts
– 2 pairs of black gym 3/4 pants
– 1 pair of Canterbury
– 1 casual dress
– 2 going out dresses
– 6 t-shirts
– 1 pair of thongs, a pair of sandals and my trekking runners (cross between a runner and a trekking boot)
– 1 pair each of thermal leggings, shirt and jacket
– toiletries (the absolute bare minimum!!) – shampoo, conditioner, soap, one moisturiser for face and one for body, sunscreen, Bushman spray, toothpaste and brush, hair brush, face wash, deodorant, shower cap, hairbands, bobby pins, Lucus Pawpaw Ointment, razor and spare blades, mineral cover and blush, mascara, lipstick and eyeliner. I did give up the hair dryer as well, it just would not fit!

– Bose headphones
– tissues, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitiser
– eye cover/shade
– travel pillow
– pencil case with pens, nikko, notebook
– photo album (to show friendly locals pictures of home – they really enjoy at these)
– Aussie pens and pencils to give to local kids

My Mum, Dad and I are leaving for Brisbane tomorrow morning.


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