Goodbye old life…Welcome to Bali

The last four days have been a blur but I can report I safely arrived in Bali yesterday (Sunday) at about 4pm Qld time.

I do have to admit that amongst the packing, last minute preparations, goodbye dinners/lunches and travelling to Brisbane my nerves did kick in and tears did too. Although I didn’t have any doubt I wanted to go and what I was doing was, as one of my best friends put it “something most people will never get the opportunity to do – so live it up!” I did have a small amount of doubt that I couldn’t do this own my own…by myself.  However I hoped on the escalator at the Brisbane International Airport and waved goodbye to my Mum, Day and brother standing from above.  There were some very mixed, emotional feelings.

Walking out of the airport alone in Denpasar, being greet by literally hundreds of people holding signs up displaying visitor names made me take a deep breath and tell myself I can do this or actually I have to do this. And so I did; I  jumped my first hurdle.

My first 24 hour impressions of Bali are very different to what I had in mind. Definitely one of the more cleaner Asian countries I have visited and the people are extremely friendly and kind and no road rage as yet. But exactly as I had pictured it – small temples tucked between buildings filled with flowers, wild bamboo sprouting every which way, bright, colourful flags and laterns lining streets, rice paddies and beautiful villas and resorts.

I do have to admit that due to the fair amount of slack Bali has copped over the last few years (Schapelle Corby and the Bali Nine) and having to hear “eeewwww, why Bali?” every time I told someone where I was going did make me wonder if Bali was the best first choice. However as part of my greater plan of not flying any more then 6 hours and my breath being taken away by Bliss Sanctuary’s website I’m very happy with my decision.

So Bliss….their motto “for women travelling on their own without being alone” is exactly true. I feel extremely safe and well cared for – if I could stay here for the next 9 months life would be easy! After a forty-five minute drive from the airport in the area known as Canngu, I entered through a beautiful set of timber Balinese style doors and was welcomed so warmly by Zoe (the owner) and Shar (the hostess). The resort is just quaint and so beautiful – it is truly Bali!

There are two long villas which house the rooms and communal area.  The communal area is where the kitchen is located with a communal fridge that is always stocked with food, left overs, drinks and chocolate.  Also a couch to hang out on, a TV, DVDs, books and this is also where the beautiful Bruce hangs. Bruce is a golden retriever cross poodle and the size of a small pony but he is just gorgeous and it adds a nice homely feel (missing my Pipster and Maxy Moo).  There is a beautiful, warm, palmed lined pool and also a large Balinese hut, complete with flags and curtains fluttering in the wind, where dinner is served nightly.

The staff are like family members of Bliss. There are the lovely ladies in the kitchen/housekeeping – Kadek, Yanti and Riska. For breakfast when you have risen and are ready and the ladies will prepare anything you fancy.  The same applies for lunch. At dinnertime the ladies prepare at least 7 different traditional Balinese dishes and the group share the food under the Bali hut.  The food is just amazing and contains plenty of fresh vegetables.  Chilli, garlic, lemongrass, banana leaves and coconut also feature predominately.  Dessert tonight was a coconut crepe with a palm sugar filling, yum!

There is Ketut the driver who will drive guests into town or to Ubud – wherever really. Komang who cares for the gardens and sleeps in the Bali hut at night time as the Chief of Security! Miss Wayan and Miss Viva; the incredible massage ladies. Miss Viva is extremely cheeky…:) And the one and only Shar – the fantastic hostess, jack of all trades and most importantly – a Queenslander!

There are six other women here at the moment – a mother and daughter from the States, two Aussies, a Dutch girl and a Polish New Yorker. Its lovely to sit with them all and Shar during dinner and discuss what we did that day and share recommendations on places to visit. After dinner Shar organises our next day and we all chat about where each other is going and who can catch a lift with who.  There is no obligation to go with anyone else; there is no obligation to be with anyone and there is certainly no obligation to do anything!

Today Eva (the Polish New Yorker) and I went to yoga together in the morning, I then had some lunch and had my 90 minutes treatment (we all have one everyday!) followed by a swim in the pool and a walk to the beach.

Tomorrow I am going to yoga again, followed by my treatment and then the lady from Melbourne and I are going into town for the afternoon. We are all here because we are travelling by ourselves and we all give each other space – you can work out who wants company and who wants to be left alone by the pool. Its a really beautiful place and Zoe has to been given credit for such an amazing idea and seeing it come to life.

So on a side note – the weather is hot and humid but no rain. Although it is thundering outside now.  Last night there was a small earthquake/tremor!  The whole bed shook and woke me up – it only lasted about 10 seconds or so but I couldn’t work out if I was dreaming or not.

I will post some photos up over the next day or so.

Z x

3 Comments on “Goodbye old life…Welcome to Bali

  1. Oh my goodness, you bought a tear to my eye gorgeous gal! I feel so blessed to have met you and spent time with you, you’re an amazing woman who will inspire many on your wonderful journey xxx

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