I have arrived in Singapore…

My time in Bali and Bliss sadly had to come to an end yesterday (Sunday) and the nerves kicked in again…a new adventure and experience to begin.

I love Bali, it is such a beautiful and spiritual place – it was the perfect spot to start my journey. I made some very special friends there who I know I’ll stay in touch with.

Arriving in Singapore meant a couple of new experiences – one staying in a backpackers at 30 and two being completely alone in a big city. I am going to admit that a couple of tears flowed last night – I talked to Mum and Dad on Skype so I’ll blame them!

This morning I woke up late and seriously I could have stayed in bed all day – I was just feeling down, alone and scared. But I forced myself up, put my St Christopher necklace on for good luck and walked outside…into the pouring rain…

All good I told myself – I bought a $4 umbrella from a corner store and did what any normal scared Westerner would do in a foreign country – go to the nearest Starbucks! I poured over the map and Lonely Planet over my mocha and muffin and decided that rainy weather is perfect for a museum – so off to the National Museum I went. I followed my map, stopped when I got confused, detoured to a couple of markets and shops, casually found Raffles Hotel, so checked out the bar and took some photos, and found my way to the museum.

It was such a bargin to get into the museum – about $8AUD – and I was just in time for a free guided tour. The museum and tour was fantastic and showed the evolution of Singapore – when it was first settled by Mr Ruffles himself in 1819, to it’s part in World War Two, joining with Malaysia, separating from Malaysia, gaining financially stability and developing infrastructure for its people. Singapore has done pretty well for itself.

I had some lunch at the museum and chatted to another women who was travelling by herself and decided that I’m glad I got out of bed, it was a pretty good day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring πŸ™‚

Z x


Random wall art not far from the hostel


The outside walls of Raffles


Raffles itself



The roof of the National Museum


Stormy weather on the walk home


Another street


My room and “pod” – its actually really nice, very clean, private and for the most part fairly quiet.

7 Comments on “I have arrived in Singapore…

  1. Loving all the pics, especially Bruce! Can see why it would be so hard to leave Bliss looks amazing.
    Mum xo

  2. good job!!! glad that you made yourself get out of bed!! never know what the day will bring πŸ™‚ go for it and chase it πŸ™‚ – hehe love the “pod” πŸ™‚

    • oh thanks M – i was thinking actually thinking of you – you did the UK by yourself πŸ™‚

      • yes – your commentary reminded me of walking through Heathrow when I arrived – however at least they (mostly) speak English πŸ™‚

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