Another week has passed

So another week has come to an end and another country gets ticked off the list. I’ve only been travelling for nearly two weeks, yet it really feels like two months.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I fly to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I spend one night. On Sunday morning myself and the other new volunteers are driven about five hours to an area called Sen Monorom where the Globalteer Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary is located.

I’ll be spending two weeks there and I’m really looking forward to working with the elephants, unpacking my bag for a while and having a base.

However, before I get ahead of myself…I am still in Singapore! Have had a great six days and got up to plenty of things…

Tuesday morning I hopped on the MRT and travelled to the Gardens by the Bay along near Marina Bay. There are two massive glass domes and inside they have managed to plant/grow flowers, plants and trees from all other the world, including bottles trees (which grow in Roma!).



The afternoon was spent walking around the area near the hostel – a very Islamic area with a mosque and little cobbled streets selling fabrics and spices.



Tuesday night I was eating dinner and have a cocktail at a restaurant near the hostel when the lady next to me said hello. We start chatting and we worked out we where actually staying in the same place and same room – “pod buddies”!

We decided to walk to Raffles Hotel and enjoyed a Singapore Sling in the bar area. Raffles is even more beautiful at night time – its so grand – I can’t imagine how beautiful it would have been back in the day.

Wednesday I went on a Changi World War Two tour. Sadly a lot of the buildings and remains from this time have either been demolished or are now part of military land and not accessible.

However I did get to visit Changi Village and Changi Beach, go to the Changi Museum including the Changi Chapel, visit Johore Battery where there is a replica WWII15-inch gun battery and briefly saw the remains of the Old Changi Prison. It was still extremely interesting and because Australia had such a huge involvement in Singapore during World War Two it was nice to learn the history.

Wednesday night I was lucky enough to catch up with a Roma work mate, Ali, who has recently started a brand new life in Singapore!

We dined in extreme luxury at the Fullerton Bay Hotel (definitely blew the backpacker budget that night!) and then enjoyed a cocktail in their ‘oh so chic’ rooftop bar – The Lantern. The views were amazing!!

It was great to see Ali, have some company and catch up on the Roma goss.





Thursday saw Ali and I catch up again and we spent the morning walking around Chinatown checking out the markets and all the very interesting food – if you can call it food! Somehow grasshoppers, insects and bugs aren’t my taste.  After lunch of dumplings and sweet buns, we both made a mad dash back to our homes in a lightening and thunder storm that didn’t relent.




Thursday night I went out to the Singapore Zoo for the night safari.  I really can’t remember the last time I went to a zoo, but I really enjoyed it.  The tram ride lasted about 40 minutes and goes around through the different sections and I saw heaps of animals.

Then there is a path that meanders through the jungle and stops in at different animals again.  I was very lucky to see a beautiful tiger, he was behind glass but it was just him and me together with no-one else around in the darkness.  Amazing.


Today I had a quiet day – I needed to go to the post office so I did that and I did my laundry and have packed my bag.

While the weather was clear, I took the MRT and walked around the Marina Sands area.




The elephant sanctuary doesn’t have internet so you won’t be hearing from me until the second week of April.

Z x

One Comment on “Another week has passed

  1. Take care and enjoy yourself 🙂 hear from you again when you are in the land of technology again 🙂

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