Month: April 2014

Like a Pig in Mud

I came all the way to Vietnam to lay in mud! Yep, that what I did on my second day in Nha Trang along with two of my tour buddies – Lisa from the UK and Jay Jay from the Netherlands. But its not… Continue Reading “Like a Pig in Mud”

Tunnels, Trains & Nha Trang – Southern Vietnam

After a short break I am back on the blog and into the travelling…feels great to be moving again.  I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam earlier this week and have decided to join up with a tour group to explore Vietnam.  I… Continue Reading “Tunnels, Trains & Nha Trang – Southern Vietnam”

Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap Lake Floating Village

Hi Everyone Sorry to have been a bit slack with the blog.  I’ve attached some photos from my time in Siem Reap, where I spent about a week.  I also visited the Angkor Wat temples and the floating village on Tonle Sap Lake.  All… Continue Reading “Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap Lake Floating Village”

Helping to “Free the Bears” in Cambodia

Many years ago whilst reading a magazine I came across one of those awful pictures of a beautiful bear kept in a tiny cage being used for its bile to make herbal medicines.  I think I started to donate $10 every month and hoped… Continue Reading “Helping to “Free the Bears” in Cambodia”

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Trying to get my blog up to date tonight…I’ve been having too much fun in Phnom Penh!  Crazy how I thought I would only pass through the city, maybe have one day of sightseeing and keep travelling turns into five days.  Thats another thing… Continue Reading “Phnom Penh, Cambodia”

Elephant Valley Project – Cambodia

Flying into Phnom Penh (pronounced Nom Pen) I could have sworn I was arriving back home – the land was the same familiar dry brown, there were fences, dams and cows.  The trees however were slightly different – tall palms instead of gums. Myself… Continue Reading “Elephant Valley Project – Cambodia”