Like a Pig in Mud

I came all the way to Vietnam to lay in mud!

Yep, that what I did on my second day in Nha Trang along with two of my tour buddies – Lisa from the UK and Jay Jay from the Netherlands.

But its not just any old mud at Thap Ba Hot Spring Centre, this is therapeutic mud that apparently can assist with joint pains, decrease stress levels and cure skin diseases.

It was actually a lot of fun and extremely relaxing.  We were allocated a large spa bath which was pumped full of mud!  It just came out of the pipe like water would!

Next step was to then get into the mud…such a crazy feeling and extremely slippery but the mud actually had a smooth, silky texture.  It wasn’t cluggy or sticky or smelly, it was pleasant.  Once I was laying in the mud it was really enjoyable and felt really nice over my skin.  I even treated myself to a mud mask and poured it through my hair.

It was a quiet day at the Springs so we were lucky enough to spend at least half and hour playing in the mud and relaxing before taking an open air shower with natural mineral water.  The water is straight from a spring and usually is about 37`C and extremely salty, especially when it gets in your mouth.  It actually took a good scrub and plenty of water to get the mud off and I’m sure I still have a little bit of grit left in my hair!

After taking a shower we moved on to the “pressure cleaners”.  The mineral water is projected from stone walls and it gets rid of the final layer of mud plus also provides a nice body massage.  Then it was time for another bath, this time in the pure mineral water. Hopping into 37`C isn’t exactly relaxing but after sticking with it for a few minutes, it’s amazing.  The water is meant to penetrate the skin and open the pores.

The last stop at the Springs was the waterfall, where the mineral water is dumped over the side of rocks and feels like a hundred hands are rubbing your head, neck and back!

I think overall we spent about 3 hours at the Springs and it cost about $7 plus $4 for the 15 minute taxi ride.  Afterwards my skin and face felt so smooth and clean and I was definitely relaxed.  I’m not sure if my togs have survived – I washed them twice and I’m still finding grit in them!

Link to the photos is here.


2 Comments on “Like a Pig in Mud

  1. dude Decs would of have shown you how to be one with the mud, it went native on me the other week after all the rain, and played in the muddle puddles, mud everywhere lol.

    • Hahaha! Bet he had fun! Did you hose him off before he was allowed inside??!! Lol!

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