Month: June 2014

Two scammers down…a million to go – my first day in India

I’ve been been in Delhi, actually outside in the open air, for about 8 hours in total and already I’ve been scammed! After a mammoth 15 hour sleep (I was obviously very tired and I’m still suffering Delhi belly) I decided to brave the… Continue Reading “Two scammers down…a million to go – my first day in India”

The monsoons open in Chitwan

You may have never heard of Chitwan National Park but its actually a World Heritage-listed park and classed as one of the best wildlife viewing reserves in Asia.  Chitwan is also only a 18 minute flight south west from the craziness of Kathmandu and… Continue Reading “The monsoons open in Chitwan”

Mt Everest – Top of the World!!

The long awaited photos of Mt Everest.  It was truly an amazing experience that words cannot describe! The weather may not have allowed us to climb to Base Camp 1 but it was still thrilling to be in a snow storm.  And in the… Continue Reading “Mt Everest – Top of the World!!”

This is Tibet…

I need to admit that I booked this tour for a couple of reasons – The Great Wall of China, travelling via train through remote China, seeing where the Dalai Lami previously lived and of course Mt Everest!  I knew Tibet was controversial but… Continue Reading “This is Tibet…”