A long weekend to Portugal

Well now that I am officially a “Londoner”, one must jump on a plane and fly 2.5 hours to the sunniness that is Lisbon, Portugal.

Flights were cheap-ish, by Australian standards anyway – about $180 AUD return. However I am still waiting for these amazing £30 flights from London to make an appearance that I keep hearing about.

The city of Lisbon is beautiful with its narrow and twisting cobblestone streets. Many a time I rolled my ankle navigating the pavements, though no major damage was done. It is very busy with the streets full of cars, buses and trams. A Portuguese taxi driver will have no qualms holding his hand over the car horn until the car in front moves an inch. I had the pleasure of riding a creaky, bumpy tram to the Castle de Jorge and a funicular up one of the more steeper streets to give my butt and thighs a break!

Due to the steep streets the view points in Lisbon are incredible – looking over the top of so many orange tiled roofs is very pretty. There is a lot of graffiti or “street art” over the building walls but this does add to the quirkiness of the city. You can turn around a little dark corner into a wall of bright spray paint and stairs leading to a green park.

Outside of Lisbon the landscape is pretty and life is a little slower. One very beautiful place was Cabo da Roca – the most westerly point in continental Europe. It was so peaceful and the sun felt so good. It has been an awful long time since I have really seen a bright, blue sky and a warm sun.

The photos from Portugal can be viewed here.

Until next time.
Z x


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