Tiritiri Matangi Island

Tiritiri Matangi Island is a sanctuary in the Hauraki Gulf about 70 minutes ferry ride from Auckland. The island was settled originally by Māori, however when Europeans arrived it was destroyed by cattle grazing and was over run with rats. Hardly any birdlife or vegetation was left.

However over 280,000 trees have been replanted by volunteers and the island is stunning once again. Even the little spotted kiwis do live there – I wasn’t lucky enough to see one however!

I travelled over with “the Kiwi” and a friend visiting from South Africa. We had a great Sunday – the weather was hot and sunny we bush walked along the beaches where the pohutukawa trees (or Christmas trees due to their bright red blossoms) line the coastline. Then trekked into the lush vegetation before making our way onto the other side of the island. I saw and learnt about a few of the native birds living on the island – the saddleback, hihi or stichbird, whiteheads, red-crowned parakeets and robins.

Our picnic lunch was spent looking across the Pacific Island without anyone else in sight. Million dollar views!


The day was not complete without a swim! The water was stunningly, clear and warm and there was no better way to cool down.


You can check out the mind blowing views of Tiritiri by clicking here.


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