Guatemala ~ Antigua in uno day!

It was a very quick turn around time – I had to depart Leon, Mexico at 7am, still feeling the effects of a tequila fuelled wedding, fly to Mexico City, spend about 5 hours (which ended up being 7 hours) in the airport before flying south.

I arrived into a dark and somewhat murky Guatemala City before travelling out to Antigua.  It is always slightly concerning when you go to hop into the back of the taxi and the driver tells you it will be much safer if you ride up the front with him!  It was late at night and I was tired and in all honesty did not spend any time getting to know the city but Guatemala City gave off a vibe…a little bit sketchy, unlight streets with drums slowly burning away, abandoned buildings, you get the scene?

One day was all I could spare in the cobblestone streets of Antiqua, filled with colourful, colonial buildings, cloudy covered volcanos and tourists!  My day started with breakfast at Luna de Miel (on recommendation from my best friend Whitney who lived in Antigua) which had amazing crepes. I then found my way to the local McDonalds for a photo (again on Whitney’s recommendation) however there are no golden arches in Antigua! I was excited to find a trendy, vegetarian cafe which had a Third Eye Charka theme for lunch followed by a walk around the Parque Central – the gathering place for visitors and hawkers alike.  While I wandered I stumbled upon the English themed pub my travel buddy Kerry worked in while she lived in Antigua!

I tried numerous times for a photo of a cloud free volcano but today was going to be the day!  That evening I met the people I would be travelling with for the next 17 days through to Costa Rica.  Enjoy the pictures from sweet Antiqua…


IMG_0176.jpgNext stop…Honduras!

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