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Tạm biệt Vietnam…until next time

Well that was a whirl wind tour of Vietnam if I’ve ever seen one.  2000 kilometres from top to bottom, from Saigon to Hanoi done and dusted in 12 days. I looked back at my first post in Vietnam…I was hesitant about my first tour… Continue Reading “Tạm biệt Vietnam…until next time”

Halong Bay

Tuesday afternoon – our group’s last train trip from Hue to Halong was a doozy…nice send off Vietnam…thank you very much!! Firstly the train was nearly an hour late, so we had to sit in the stuffy train station and smell the lovely odours… Continue Reading “Halong Bay”

Motorbiking in Hue

Monday saw the tour and I depart Hoi An via bus to Hue (pronouced Why).  Sadly most of us were nursing a slight hang over from the antics of the previous night.  Apparently we were watching the Chelsea versus Liverpool match (bloody English and… Continue Reading “Motorbiking in Hue”

Shopping in Hoi An

The group and I arrived in Hoi An on the morning of Saturday, 19th April.  The night before we departed Nha Trang on the overnight train.  Sadly the train wasn’t as nice as the previously one – the carriages had already been used, so… Continue Reading “Shopping in Hoi An”

Like a Pig in Mud

I came all the way to Vietnam to lay in mud! Yep, that what I did on my second day in Nha Trang along with two of my tour buddies – Lisa from the UK and Jay Jay from the Netherlands. But its not… Continue Reading “Like a Pig in Mud”

Tunnels, Trains & Nha Trang – Southern Vietnam

After a short break I am back on the blog and into the travelling…feels great to be moving again.  I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam earlier this week and have decided to join up with a tour group to explore Vietnam.  I… Continue Reading “Tunnels, Trains & Nha Trang – Southern Vietnam”